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The Eden Foundation Project

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The Eden Foundation Project

The Eden Foundation Project welcomes you to our site and whether your visit is intentional or because you simply stumbled along our path in cyberspace; we are certainly glad that you are here. The Eden Foundation Project is all about reaching out to people living in impoverished conditions outside of the United States. We intend to supply these communities with ample information which allows individuals there to make better choices and rise above overwhelming circumstances. The Project goal is to empower people so that they not only help themselves but also others within the community. We hope to teach them how to love, share, grow together and enjoy the process. Presently, The Eden Foundation Project has established a library in the city of Monrovia, Liberia a country located on the western coast of Africa. Here, our vision is to establish libraries/reading rooms, schools, computer and learning centers as needed throughout the fifteen counties of Liberia. We hope that our presence in this region of the world serves as an active and lifelong source of information, empowerment, support and transformation. Therefore, it is our prayer that your visit is informative and inspiring enough that you feel encouraged to go out and make a difference in your community, partner with us in our work, tell a friend or simply visit again. So to you our new or lost friend, the Eden Foundation Project says…welcome!  


Our Mission Statement

We aim to effectively impact literacy by establishing libraries/reading rooms, schools, computer and learning centers in underprivileged and disadvantaged communities outside of the United States; We provide basic clothing, health and beauty aids and offer seminars and workshops with the purpose of educating and empowering the public in these areas.